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Quick, Easy & Rewarding!

Take control of the way you pay your bills, all you need is the internet, and an online or mobile account with SGePay. With SGePay, you can finally know where all your money is going right in one place that you can access anywhere, anytime.


Pay bills online fast. Just enter the Biller information, your bill reference number, the amount and the payment date, and you’re done.

Bills are sent straight to your online or mobile app and email, plus you can choose to get handy reminders to help you not lose or forget a bill. No more queues!

One click bill payment via eBills sent to you from SGePay registered billers.

Pay bills when and where you want to. You can even schedule bills to be paid down the track.

Manage and track your payments with easy-to-use tools to help manage your expenses.

Paperless billing means not only saving you time, but the environment too.

Redeem great rewards from SGePay partners and billers with your reward points that you receive with every bill payment.

View, pay and manage your bills at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger. Easy! Register Now