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SG EPAY Pte Ltd is a company dedicated to helping organizations to offer an innovative online billing and payment solution to their customers.
Thus, allowing their customers to pay bills online with credit cards, debit cards or electronic fund transfers with greater convenience, security and speed.

SGePay currently provides the following innovative B2B payment services:
1) Online Billing/Invoicing solution
2) Online Payment Solution
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  • With SGePay, the results are simple:
    1) Reduce Cost of Payment Collection (with automated payment reminders)
    2) Improve Cashflow
    3) Improve Productivity (reduced manual effort)
    Enjoy all the above benefits, by providing your customers with an easier and faster way of making payment.


    As long as your business issue invoices, chances are your business is suitable to use SGePay ePayment System. To find out more, please

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  • You can join us as a SGePay partner and help your clients take advantage of online billing.
    The SGePay network is made up of more than just the financial institutions and biller businesses. The network also includes third party service providers such as software companies, consultants, etc. Your recommendation to establishments to join the SGePay service can help provide total integrated convenience and rewards for your client's customers.
    We can support you with technical information, process design guidelines, and more. We can also work with you and your client biller to help resolve technical issues and assist in the development of a robust, secure and seamless solution tailored for their specific business needs.
    To find out more about the benefits of becoming a SGePay partner, please

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