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An Important Tool For Businesses

SGePay is simply a better way to manage payables and receivables. Your customers can enjoy the security and flexibility of paying with a secured and convenience bill payment service. And your business can benefit from lower transaction costs, easier reconciliation and reduced overheads. So your staff can focus on your core business — spending less time sending and chasing bills.


Accelerate cash flow - payments are more efficiently collected

Simplify reconciliation - Track bills electronically with analytics designed for easy integration with your preferred accounting system

Manage your overheads - Focus staff time and resources on core business activities, spending less time on preparing and chasing bills

Delight your customers - Reward your customer with the best convenience and mobility they want

Send bills and statements for less - while saving cost and the environment too

Bills as a marketing tool - Turn your electronic bills into an interactive marketing platform integrated with SGePay's integrated portal, with special offers linked straight through to your website

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